Where We Are Going

Our Hopes

     In a recent sermon, one of our Associate Rectors said, “Discipleship is about following Jesus into the world and participating in God’s mission there, all the while living in such a way that points to the goodness and righteousness of God. It’s living in the world, in these earthly kingdoms as if the Kingdom of God has already arrived. It’s living as if you believe all this Jesus stuff is true.”

     This is who we aspire to be. This is where we want to grow:

Outreach: Holy Trinity helps others through the gifts of our time, talents, and treasure, and we have been the genesis of ministries that grew to serve the entire city. We also have been very focused on our inward journey of faith and are eager to expand our outward journey of service. We want to help people identify their skills and apply them in helping others. We want to start new efforts outside the walls of the church; engage more members in hands-on work; solve community problems; and make personal connections with those in need. We want to walk with others as Jesus did.

Diversity: Despite making strides in the last 30 years to incorporate a variety of people, we still look a lot alike. We want to be more intentional in developing relationships with and welcoming people of different races, nationalities, ages, backgrounds, sexual orientation, and economic status. We want to understand the challenges every person faces and celebrate the gifts each person offers.

New ministries: Support for lay leadership can energize us to explore a variety of new activities: offering more support groups, collaborating with other downtown churches and Episcopal parishes, opening our space to feed the hungry, starting a singles ministry, offering more classes, committing to environmental sustainability – the needs are many and the energy is there. Situated on the edge of downtown Greensboro, Holy Trinity can take advantage of our location to reach out to a growing number of young center city residents and to those in need.


Stewardship: Our dream is that we all see that abundant life comes from giving of yourself from the heart. We want to make giving faith-based, have more members participate in annual pledging, increase the church budget, and achieve fiscal and organizational transparency. When asked about the future, one parishioner said, “I hope we are planning exciting ways to put all the money we raise to good use: worship, music, outreach, Christian education, welcoming new members, staff, and never having to worry about more money coming in.”


Community Building: We are a big church that feels like a small church. “No matter what your stage, age, or lot in life, there is a sub-group of Holy Trinity to which you feel you belong, woven into the larger fabric of the whole congregation,” a parishioner said. We can build on this by offering more ways to connect. That could mean more fellowship events, pilgrimages, small groups, outreach, and social opportunities – we are open to the possibilities. We genuinely love each other and want to expand the circle so that everyone feels a part.

Spiritual practices: We are all in different places on our spiritual journey, but as disciples of Christ, we hope for continuous spiritual growth. We want to provide a variety of ways for people to continue to grow in faith. We can build on a strong Christian formation program for adults, teens, and children; strengthen our weekday preschool; and expand our pilgrimage ministry, labyrinth use, and EYC program. The Second Breath Center, housed on our property, is a tremendous resource.

Young Families: Young families are the future of the church. We want to be part of the fabric of everyday life for families with children and teens – not just a place to be on Sunday. We’ve made a start with events like family-friendly Wednesday night dinners and children’s activities, a fellowship group for men younger than 50, a scout troop, and trunk or treat at Halloween. The youth mission trip fills our 50-person limit and regularly raises more than $30,000 outside the church budget for supplies to repair homes in the state’s poorest county. There’s a lot to offer, but we can do more.

The Rector We Seek


Almighty God, we ask your guidance and blessing as we seek a Rector for Holy Trinity Church; be present in our deliberations and make us aware of your will for us. Guide us and our parish in the days ahead. Prepare that person that you have in mind for us to receive your call. And keep us all mindful of our calling to serve your purpose and to witness to your love, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

We pray for someone who:


Will deepen relationships: In parish meetings, community and fellowship came up consistently as central to our life together. We hope for someone who enjoys deep personal connections and actively seeks them and who truly wants to know parishioners. At Holy Trinity, we develop meaningful, multi-generational friendships, and we want the same for our Rector. We want him or her to be one of us in every sense. As one parishioner said, looking into the future, I want to say of the Rector “that we shared a meal and told stories and laughed together.”


Is open and authentic:  A parishioner wrote that our Rector should be “real, authentic, and honest, whether that’s comfortable or not.” We appreciate that Rectors are human and hope to find someone who will share their strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities as we grow in faith together. We have been blessed by exceptional preaching and respond to sermons that include heartfelt, personal stories that relate Scripture to real life. We hope for someone who is comfortable with fiscal and organizational transparency.


Works side by side with us: We want to do more in the world and hope for a Rector who will be in the trenches with us, serving food to hungry people in a downtown park, repairing roofs with young people at a mission camp in the mountains, walking beside us on a pilgrimage. Holy Trinity’s talented parishioners are eager to participate, so we hope our Rector will facilitate new ministries and support lay leadership by recognizing the talents of younger and older members alike.

Is fully present: Priests who have been present during life’s happiest and saddest events have left a mark on nearly every one of us. Whether celebrating a baptism, offering last rites, visiting a hospital, providing counseling and spiritual guidance, or simply being there, our priests have truly been pastors. One parishioner noted “I would say the most beneficial ministry I’ve experienced has been with one of our priests. He has been so helpful encouraging me at probably my most difficult time in my faith. His openness to my questions and struggle has been instrumental to my faith.”

Will build community: We are open, accepting and forward thinking and want to increase diversity and membership. We hope our Rector will build on that by helping us discover any blind spots, look for ways to make people feel connected, and reach out to the community as a leader and a resource for issues facing our city. “We want a Rector who looks for opportunities of spiritual growth, one that has true compassion for others, one who builds a safe, loving space for all,” a parishioner said.

Is a spiritual leader: We want a Rector who is grounded in love and will foster an environment in which the presence of the Holy Spirit is palpable. We envision someone who is a true servant leader, can help us see things in new ways, deepens our worship experience, leads by example with integrity, and still strongly feels his or her original call to ministry.


     Our ultimate hope is that God will send us someone who will know and be with us, love us, build us, feed us, and walk with us.


Holy Trinity is a thriving parish in downtown Greensboro, N.C. Inspiring worship services are the cornerstone of our life together. We have a true desire to grow in faith, a strong call to care for one another, and a real heart for outreach. We pray for a Rector who will be a partner in our journey to know Christ and make him known.


We seek to know Christ and make him known, through an inward journey of faith and an outward journey of service, giving thanks to God in all things.


All inquiries and applications should be directed to:  

Canon Catherine Massey, Canon for Transition and Pastoral Ministries

The Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina


607 N. Greene St.

Greensboro, NC 27401

T: 336-272-6149